Concept7 is one of the leading UX Design Agencies in the Netherlands.


🕺  Co-Founder & COO

🕰️  1999 - 2017 (sold)


UI Design


Testing & UX


We started Concept7 when I was a freshman in college, and became a full-time entrepreneur from the moment I obtained my bachelor degree. In the early days, we did almost everything that was digital: websites, games, DVD's and even 3D modelling of entire buildings. We learned and iterated towards our unique proposition: Usability.

Around 2008, we we're a Full-service Agency (25 FTE) delivering an awesome Strategy & Design, and poor Tech, making the overall experience quite average. So we decided to 'pivot' and go all-in on User Centered Design to deliver great digital experiences for all our customers. After letting go the tech team, we grew to being one of the leading UX Design Agencies in The Netherlands.

Some highlights and special moments:

👀  We were the first company to purchase an Eye-tracking monitor to test the work we made;

📕  We wrote a book and sold thousands of copies even-though we made it available for free;

🥳  We organised a 'C7-fan days' to share our vision, unique company culture, and knowledge;

🚧  We were among the first Dutch companies to adopt Holacracy as our organisational model.

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