Dutch travel startup that offers city breaks to an unknown destination. In 2017, was one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe (Tech5, 17th).


🕺  Co-Founder

🕰️  2014 - 2018 (sold)


UI Design


Testing & UX


After years of helping other companies with their digital Strategy and Design, via Concept7, we as founders decided it was time to build a startup ourselves. We started with 300 business ideas (because you need a lot of ideas to have a good one) and worked our way to 10 conceptual ideas. From those 10, we chose 3 to fully prototype and test. The final idea we chose to pursue:

The were a couple of aspects that made this an awesome idea:

❤️  Based on MBTI-types, half of the people will love this idea (and half will hate it);

⭐️  Where every company is focused on lowest price, we focussed on quality;

🗺️  When you can't prepare for anything, you are more adventurous and ingenious;

📈  If you don't have strong expectations, it is easier to exceed them;

In short, embrace the unknown and go wherever you're meant to go:

After launching in 2014, we grew exponentially by influencer marketing, the sharing of the reveall in socials, delivering awesome experiences, going the extra mile for our customers, and building an awesome community of kindred spirits. In 2017, we were the second fastest growing startup of the Netherlands, and in the top30 of fastest growing startups in Europe (17th). What a ride it has been 🚀 survived the really difficult Covid-years and is still in business as of today.

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