Reveall is a Product Discovery Platform for customer-obsessed product teams. Reveall operates remote-first and closed a € 1.5M Pre-Seed round in 2021.



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🕰️  2021 - 2024


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We started Reveall in 2021 to help teams building better products by making their customer research and feedback data actionable.

During our first year, we spoke with hundreds of product teams to have a better understanding of what sort of problems and challenges they have faced. One of the things that kept coming back was product discovery – the process of having a deep understanding of your customers' problems, their needs and desires, so you can build valuable products.

We felt that product discovery perfectly matched our company mission of empowering teams to build products their customers really need. We decided to pivot and turn Reveall into the first product management platform dedicated to product discovery.

Reveall AI - Analytics for qualitative Customer Data

In 2023 there was suddenly ChatGPT, and digital products and startups will all be impacted by AI, or allow me to rephrase, AI will give us opportunities to build solutions in ways we didn't have before. We took a step back, and identified AI would be a great solution for two of our validated customer problems that we identified: "Analysing and contextualising research is a lot of tedious work" and "Customer Insights are scattered and siloed across platforms and teams".

So we decided to build a narrow, fully automated product: - the first Voice of the Customer Analytics that automatically generates insights and trends from unstructured customer data, which integrates with many qualitative data platforms.

We are currently testing Reveall AI in Alpha en expect to open the private beta later this year.

Product Discovery Conference

In September 2023, we organised Europe's first Product Discovery Conference where over 350 product enthusiasts were inspired by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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Reveall is now part of NEXT!

in November 2023, Reveall has been acquired by NEXT, a leading AI-powered product discovery platform. By joining forces, we are creating the most powerful AI-powered solution in the market to help teams continuously bring customer insights into every decision.

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