Mindwave is a Journaling app for founders to document their entrepreneurial journey mindfully.


🕺  Founder

🕰️  2018 - 2020


UI Design


Testing & UX


After selling Concept7 and De Pijp, one my biggest regrets was not documenting this 18 years journey. Where did all my learnings and experiences go?

Even though, this is not a pain a founder would feel regularly, I found a different problem that was worth solving. I discovered the world of Mindfulness (journaling & meditating) and with this angle founders would benefit on the short term (being more mindful) and the long-term (documenting their journey). That's how Mindwave was born.

Three years later, I was still struggling to find a working business model, then I decided to pick up freelance work and keep Mindwave alive as a side project. In hindsight, the main reasons why I couldn't make a valid business were:

🫣  Too much (free) competition. Many writing & journaling apps popped-up around the time I started;

💊  Mindfulness is still considered a vitamin amongst founders. Not a painkiller;

💸  In B2C it is still not super common to pay for apps, but we're getting there (timing).

That doesn't mean Mindwave was successful. Here are some of my valuable learnings & experiences:

🦘  My first bootstrap and digital nomad experience (Australia);

😅  I learned, the hard way, that I missed working with a team;

🛠️  I was way more involved in product development than my previous companies. And I love it!

❤️  More than 2.000 ppl loved using it. Hundreds paid for a subscription. Some of them still do.

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